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SIA "INTREX SERVICE" deals with the heating system, boiler sale and installation since 2003. Our company is staffed by experienced, highly qualified and certified professionals, ensuring that a high level of quality of the executed works.

Specialists of the company will look your project and will offer the best solution based on your requirements and desires. The company has all the necessary licenses for the proposed work.

With us you will always get a free consultation about:

  • Gas system, heat pumps, wood, solar or fuel oil heating installation options
  • Will draw up of the necessary works
  • a suitable gas, heat pump, wood or oil-fired equipment selection

We offer advice to anyone and advice to help resolve a heat-related issues quickly and efficiently. Knowledge of the latest technology and offering enables customers to deliver outstanding solutions for heating. Our experienced professionals help you plan an effective response to any situation.


SIA "INTREX SERVISS" has been engaged in the sale and installation of heating systems, boilers since 2003. Our company is staffed by experienced, highly qualified and certified professionals, which allows us to ensure a high level and excellent quality of work.

The company's specialists will inspect and evaluate the objects, taking into account your requirements and wishes. The company has all the necessary licenses to perform the offered work.

With us you will always receive free consultations:

on the possibility of installing gas, heat pumps, firewood, solar collectors or liquid fuel heating
for the preparation of the necessary construction work estimates
the right gas for you,
heat pump
, firewood or liquid fuel equipment
We offer everyone advice and advice to help solve heat issues quickly and efficiently. Knowing and offering the latest technologies to customers allows you to achieve excellent solutions in heat supply. The experience of our specialists will help you plan effective solutions in every situation.

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