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Maintenance and repair

Maintenance and repair of boilers, heat pumps and solar collectors.

Maintenance pricing

Type of heating boilerPrice with VAT 21%
Maintenance of wall gas boilers (Atmospheric and Turbo)73.00 €
Maintenance of underfloor heating boilers with a capacity of up to 60 kW85.00 €
Maintenance of condensing gas heating boilers up to 60 kW85.00 €

Maintenance of diesel boilers up to 60 kW85.00 €
Maintenance of heat pumps with power up to 45 kW85.00 €
Maintenance of solar collector and systems up to 4 collectors100.00 €
Burner operation regulation using a gas analyzer45.00 €

Boiler Repair Pricing

ServicePrice with VAT 21%
Call charge
30.00 €
Hour charge
30.00 € / h
Transport expenses outside Riga
0.40 € / km
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