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Designing gas heating systems

Advantages of gas boilers

Gas heating is one of the cheapest heating solutions suitable for apartments and private houses. The demand for gas heating is based on the price of cheap natural gas and the comfort you get from it during the coldest times of the year.

Choice of gas boiler

We offer the most popular gas boiler brands - Viessmann, Buderus, Junkers. These manufacturers' equipment has a high level of quality and, most importantly, these manufacturers provide quality equipment service throughout Latvia.

Gas heating system installation stages

Our services

Are you interested in starting gasification work? The first question that will arise is how much it will all cost and how long it will take. We will show you this section of the road you need to go through to get to the comfort of your home.

1. Preliminary draft and estimates
At this stage, the initial material and technical assessment of the project is performed and data are obtained to compile estimates.
2. Development and approval of the project.
Design, development and approval of gasification project in construction management.
3. Heating system installation
Our company's specialists will perform the external installation of the gas supply system. Installation works will be completed in a short time - within 2-3 days after approval by the construction department.
4. Start-up and adjustment works
After construction - assembly works are performed, necessary for inspection and setting of the assembled autonomous gas supply system.
5. Commissioning of the object
The handover of the object is performed in the presence of the customer, for which a deed is drawn up and signed and signed by both parties.
6. Warmth and comfort in your home
The result you will receive after the facility is commissioned. Enjoy the comfort of your own home.
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